CBT Training

SYMTC is a friendly and professional training college that offer exceptionally high standards of tuition for all levels of motorcycle and CBT training in Rotherham.

Our Driving Standards Agency (DSA) approved and advanced instructors will help you develop your riding skills as you progress from Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), through to your motorcycle test. 

We provide Motorcyle CBT Training in Rotherham, Mexborough, Sheffield and all areas of South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire and North Lincolnshire.

CBT Training in Rotherham, South Yorkshire

CBT – DL 196 Certification

Though not a test, the law states you must achieve a minimum standard of riding ability, before being allowed onto the road by yourself. This is achieved by taking a Compulsory Basic Training course.

CBT is a Driving Standards Agency course provided by approved training bodies (ATB’s) such as SYMTC.

Compulsory Basic Training must be undertaken by any rider who wants to use a moped or motorcycle up to 125cc on L Plates.

CBT is a set course of instruction and assessment that teaches you, the learner, essential skills to keep you safe on the road and some basic maintenance checks to ensure the motorcycle is safe and legal to ride. 

Don’t worry if you have never ridden before, everybody who rides has been at that stage.

Our instructors are very experienced with all standards and abilities. They will take a step-by-step approach with all CBT students allowing you to gain confidence with the motorcycle.

There is no written exam although students can take notes if they wish.

There are five elements to cover and you will receive quality instruction in all.

You will be trained to handle the machine on a training site until YOU are confident enough and WE are satisfied you have developed enough skill so you can take to the roads safely.

You will then receive a minimum of 2 hours on road training where you will be given instruction via an intercom system.

When the instructors are satisfied that you are skilled enough to ride both safely and confidently on the road you will be issued with your DL196 certificate.

Compulsory Basic training is the first legal step, and must by law be taken by any new rider before they ride on the road using L Plates. You can not validate your provisional licence or insurance without it.

There are five elements to CBT Training.

A: An eyesight test and licence check, followed by a discussion about the aims of CBT and the correct safety clothing and equipment that should be worn while riding. Approx 40mins.

B: This is a familiarisation period with the bike and its controls, during which you will learn how to carry out basic safety and maintenance checks, as well as how to start and manoeuvre the bike safely. Approx 30mins.

C. This is an on-site rider training is a step by step period designed to show you how to control the machine safely and correctly at slow speeds, how to use the brakes correctly and how to change gear smoothly before going on the road. You will be shown how to approach junctions, how to plan for hazards and the correct road position to take up whilst riding. Approx 2-3 hours.

D. This is a comprehensive discussion about riding safely on the road, what can affect your safety and things you need to be aware of when riding. Approx 40mins.

E. The final part is a minimum 2 hour road ride. It is a combined instruction and assessment session. Your instructor will give you instruction via an intercom system. When the instructors are happy that you are skilled enough to ride both safely and confidently you will be issued with your CBT or DL196 certificate.

Warning! If you are offered a course with less than 2hrs on road riding, it is not a legal CBT.

The CBT training normally takes about 6 hours to complete. Helmets, Jackets and over-trousers can be supplied; you should where possible wear sturdy boots (no steel toe caps) and a minimum of denim jeans when doing your training.