Direct Access Training

SYMTC is a friendly yet professional training college that offer exceptionally high standards of tuition for all levels of motorcycle training in Rotherham.

Our Driving Standards Agency (DSA) approved and advanced instructors will help you develop your skills as you progress from Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), through to your motorcycle test. 

We provide professional Motorcycle Training in Rotherham, Sheffield and all areas of South Yorkshire, North Derbyshire and North Lincolnshire.

We are only 1 mile away from the new DSA super test centre where all motorcycle tests in the region are conducted.

Whether you wish to undertake training for the light motorcycle test or take a Direct Access Scheme Course (DAS) you can be sure that we will provide high quality, yet relaxed enjoyable training.

If, after your test, you wish to improve your skills further, then you will be able to take advantage of our post-test and advanced training courses.

Though at SYMTC we do not ride the test routes (after all, you want to be able to ride any road safely and not just pass the test!), you will get to know the area well enough and this will give you confidence whilst on your test.

The College has an excellent reputation and a very high percentage pass rate. 

We operate well conditioned and well maintained motorcycles, most only 1 year old, and can tailor the bike to suit a student’s size. 

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Light Motorcycle Training 

DSA advises that anyone wishing to take a motorcycle test should obtain further motorcycle training than that received at the basic level (CBT).

We therefore offer motorcycle training to raise your standard to the level required to pass your practical test (if you are over the age of 17).

The light motorcycle test is taken on a 125cc bike which will allow you to ride a motorcycle with a power restriction of 33bhp.

This means you will be able to take any bike to a motorcycle dealer and ask to have it restricted. The top speed and acceleration will be more modest, but still fun.

This restriction will apply for two years from the date of your test after which you won’t need to do anything but get your motorbike de-restricted or change to a different machine.

It will be up to you as after this time you will be able to ride any motorcycle.

You will be required to pass CBT and a DSA theory test prior to your practical test.

You will need both parts of you provisional licence, be able to read a number plate at 20.5 metres with glasses if required, suitable clothing, no tracksuits or trainers (we provide helmets, gloves and jackets and over trousers) and you will need a basic understanding of the highway code and road signs.

Our 5-Day courses include your CBT and practical test fee.

You will be required to pass your theory test 5 working days prior to your practical test.

Direct Access Scheme

The Direct Access Scheme or DAS allows over 21-year olds to access large capacity motorcycles without the two year restriction period.

Training is carried out on 500cc motorcycles. Prior to taking your practical test you will need a valid CBT certificate and pass a DSA theory test at least 5 working days before your practical test. 

All SYMTC students will be given an introduction to the differences of the larger more powerful 500cc bikes used for DAS training. This is done in a safe environment and we are used to training complete novices.

We will then follow the DSA syllabus using various techniques designed to be both enjoyable and provide a steady methodical progress in your ability towards your test.

Your fully qualified instructor will introduce you to all the elements that will be tested. You will become proficient in pulling away into traffic, overtaking, carrying out U-turns, emergency stops, negotiating roundabouts, gradients, box junctions, how to maintain the correct road position and making safe steady progress and more.

You will be able to complete every manoeuvre that will be expected on your test and to keep you safe.

Theory Test… What is it?

Motorcycle Theory test is not needed for CBT or training but is required at least 5 working days prior to a full practical test.

This test is not provided by SYMTC but needs to be booked at the DSA web site. It is a computer based test run by the government at locations throughout the UK.

Anyone wishing to gain a full bike licence must have a motorcycle theory test pass - regardless of other theory tests taken.

Your theory test will consist of two elements:


You will need to get at least 30 out of 35 questions correct to pass. The test consissts of multiple choice questions based on the highway code and rider safety.

Hazard Perception

you will be required to view several video clips of traffic situations and then use the computer mouse when you see a hazard emerging. The pass mark is based on your correct reactions to developing hazards.
There is an audio version of the test for students with Dyslexia or reading difficulties.